The West Coast Center for Alternative Education (WCCFAE), will provide an alternative academic GED preparation program currently in development. 

Students who attend the program will gain the valuable skills needed to become successful and productive.
    We intend on accomplishing this by:

  • Identifying and supporting the vital needs of each student actively attending our program. 
  • Networking ourselves with existing organizations, support their efforts, and grow together. 

  • By providing educational services to young adults between the ages of 18-24, our goal is to increase the amount of students who complete our programs and obtain the General Education Diploma, (GED). 

In-return, we believe that our efforts will have a tremendous impact, decreasing crime rates, drug & alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancies, and overall lack of economic growth to minorities.

With our best efforts to succeed, we will have established one-on-one relationships with each of our students by providing support services based on the needs of each individual. By utilizing this unorthodox method, we believe it will allow our students the ability to focus on their education, achieve success, growth, maturity, and mental stability without bearing many of the major concerns resulting from their own personal hardships.


The Mission of the West Coast Center for Alternative Education is to:

    "Increase in magnitude and in strength our ability to provide dropouts a General Education Diploma, through the process of classroom education, independent living skills, life skills, and entrepreneurship, in an environment which is alternative to public education."
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