"Remember, the key is to believe in yourself, never give up, and move forward for what you want in life to be successful"
- Sarout Long, 1999
"Sharing information is only half the goal, the achievement comes when the information shared is the goal"
- R. Jackson, 1992
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2021 Graduates
I along with supporters of West Coast Center are filled with extreme joy to have been able to support some of those that graduated class of 2021! There were too many submissions to post them all but we want to recognize all graduates this year. Congrats to all our financial award recipients. We look forward to following your success and supporting you along your journey. Shouts out to: 

1. Kennedy Star Reynolds
2. Joseph Ruffins, Jr.
3. Elizabeth Hudson
4. Teresa Whitfield
5. Timaya Fontenette
6. Samyah Worthy
7. Zamar Jackson 
8. Angelica Joshua
9. LaNae C. Garrison
10. Zipporah Smith 
11. Darell Trotter
12. Andrea Tims 
13. Hazel Benefield 
14. A.Thompson 
15. Khaliya Randolph 

West Coast Center for Victorious Youth needs your input. We are looking for new board members to take this organization to a new level with fresh ideas to help youth. If you have web development, marketing, social media, grant writing skills or fresh ideas, we would love for you to get involved. In box me or drop a comment below. If you are interested in supporting an organization on the move, we would welcome your supported. The journey continues.
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