"Remember, the key is to believe in yourself, never give up, and move forward for what you want in life to be successful"
- Sarout Long, 1999
"Sharing information is only half the goal, the achievement comes when the information shared is the goal"
- R. Jackson, 1992
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2023 Current Initiatives 

~April Financial Literacy Lunch and Learn Conference (Preservation Park, Oakland Ca)

~June - 4th Annual Scholarship Awards Gift Away (2711 Havenscourt, Oakland, Ca)

~August Back Pack and School Supply Gift Away (2711 Havenscourt, Oakland, Ca)

~November - Youth Community Service Activity (Streets of Oakland)

 (Thanksgiving Feeding 500 Program) (Streets of Oakland)

~December Marine's Toys for Tots Gift Away (2711 Havenscourt, Oakland, Ca)