The only son of Alisa Jackson and a California native, born and raised in the “Double Rock” neighborhood of San Francisco. Romarlowe has lived throughout the Bay Area including San Francisco, Daly City, Oakland, Hayward, and currently Pittsburg. 

After going through several obstacles growing up, Romarlowe began to move into the right direction.
Romarlowe Jackson, Founder & President
Throughout high school, Romarlowe began to get involved in various organizations, programs, as well as business opportunities to help expand his horizons. Romarlowe participated in the Network Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship, (N.F.T.E.)
Right out of high school, he began working in Retail Management, as an Assistant Store Manager, then becoming Store Manager for several companies spanning over 10 years. 
Romarlowe didn’t graduate high school and knew that not having a high school diploma would set him back, so he decided to get his GED. He already had experience in computer technology, so he decided to go to Heald College to get formal education. 

                                                            After graduating from Heald with an AA degree, 
                                                            CompTIA A+ and Network + certifications, Romarlowe 
                                                            decided to get a BA Degree in Business Administration at 
                                                            JFK University in Concord, CA.

Currently in-development, The West Coast Center for Alternative Education is a much larger, specific, unorthodox, long-term project specifically geared towards high school drop-outs and teenage mothers, as an alternative education program as opposed to the high school and adult school programs currently available.

As the visionary of the West Coast Center for Victorious Youth, that same vision and passion is carried out intended to teach, capture, and cultivate. The end result is that...

"we increase in magnitude and in strength, 
our ability to bank on our students because they are a calculated success."

"Remember, the key is to believe in yourself, never give up, and move forward for what you want in life to be successful"
- Sarout Long, 1999
"Sharing information is only half the goal, the achievement comes when the information shared is the goal"
- R. Jackson, 1992
In 2009, Romarlowe decided that Retail Management was no longer the career path that would take him to the next level. More importantly, it wasn't fulfilling his true passion ... Technology.
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April 13, 1981 - July 6, 2018