Alisa Jackson, Co-Founder & Executive Director
Alisa Jackson, aka, LadyAlisa© is a California native; born and raised in the Bay View district of San Francisco. Alisa is a powerful, positive and larger than life force that brings a special kind of empathy to helping others succeed and wishes nothing more than to see people develop in every area of their life and be all God originally intended them to be.
"Through my own life struggles, I have learned that its not where you come from but more importantly where you're going.  I know God as a restorer and know that no matter what you go through in life you must not let the hand of God go."
If you are interested in booking a speaking engagement with Alisa, please contact her directly.
"Remember, the key is to believe in yourself, never give up, and move forward for what you want in life to be successful"
- Sarout Long, 1999
"Sharing information is only half the goal, the achievement comes when the information shared is the goal"
- R. Jackson, 1992
    In 2006 she received her Ministerial License in the city of Oakland, CA under the leadership of Apostle Ross D. Garrison, Jr.  She later received a second confirmation of her calling as she was again ordained under the leadership of Bishop C. Carl Smith of New Birth Church, Pittsburg, CA in the fall of 2010. And another appointment of Evangelist, under Pastor Chris L. Willis, of Fairfield, CA in 2015.  She is walking in her calling and fulfilling the destiny of things that God birthed her in the earth realm to do, according to Isaiah 58:12.  She is a vessel of honor set aside for the Master’s use.
As the co-founder of the West Coast Center for Victorious Youth, Alisa has coached countless troubled youth and has committed to organizing and directing annual events of positive seminars and college tours, where youth participate to develop life skills, financial literacy and career goals in an atmosphere that is safe and respectful with structured learning where youth overcome obstacles and succeed.
In the summer of 2014 Alisa birthed The UNBOUND Outreach whose mission is to minister to a wide variety of women troubled by a variety of bondages and helps bring them to complete freedom in Christ through “Real Talk and the Word of God.” UNBOUND hosts four very powerful events each year for women to come together and lay down their armor to be transparent so they overcome the obstacles that keep them bound – encouraging them to move forward, take up their mat and walk! according to John 5: 1-9
Alisa is a public speaker, radio personality, author and a successful executive witih a background in wealth management and the law professional living in the San Francisco bay area. She divides her time between business, community, philanthropy and family. She has one adult son who she loves dearly (1981-2018). She also enjoys training her pampered pup "Sasha Marie" and spending time outdoors. Alisa’s favorite past time is relaxing in Calistoga, CA and Carmel, CA receiving spa treatments and mud baths.
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